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Utility Bill Savings with 3M Window Film


How Does 3M Window Film Reduce our Utility Bills?

At Shore Tint & More, we specialize in providing top-notch Sun Control and Low E  Window tint services for both residential and commercial properties in Delaware and surrounding Major Cities. Our 3M Insulating window film is thoughtfully crafted to mitigate the impact of intense sunlight, ensuring effective temperature control within your commercial building, especially during the summer months.


In addition to our expertise in fade reduction window tints, we also offer advanced solutions such as 3M Insulating / Sun Control Window Films. These innovative films are designed to effectively reduce the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-Value of glass. By slowing down the rate of heat transfer, these films contribute to diminishing a building’s reliance on heating and air conditioning. The resultant benefits include reduced utility bills, extended HVAC system life, and a noticeable improvement in occupant comfort. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance the performance and sustainability of your commercial space.

How does 3M Low E Insulating Window Tint Work?

Reinsulates the Glass

Your biggest heat loss and heat gain is typically through your glass/glazing. Windows can account to up to 30% of heat transfer. Whether the heat is coming in from the sun or out through the glass 3M Insulating Window Film Can Help. By reducing the SHGC and U-Value of your glass we can attain temperature control at a fraction of a cost. Upgrade your windows quickly with 3M Insulating Low-E Window Tint. Crystal clear Enhancement installed in only about 10-15 minutes per window pane. 

Retain Winter Time Heat

3M Low-E Window film is designed to act just like a Low-E Window. Not only does it block the heat in the summer it also retains the Heat in the Winter Time. Reducing the U-Value of your window unit can greatly reduce your Total Winter Heat Loss. Fossil fuel heaters can run much smoother and more efficient with Low-E Window Tint. Eliminate Hot and Cold spots in your building with 3M All Season Window Tint

Block The Summer Heat

3M Low-E Window film is designed to act just like a Low-E Window. Not only does it retain the Heat in the Winter, it also Blocks the IR Heat in the Summer. Reducing the overall SHGC coming through your glass will increase the comfort level of your property. Block the heat and Glare with 3M All Season Low E Window Tint

Learn More about Reducing your Utility Costs with 3M Window Film

As the sole non-metal film on the market with a patented multi-layered optical design and 5G readiness, our product stands out. It achieves an impressive 97% infrared heat rejection, surpassing ceramic films, all while avoiding signal loss.


Crystal Clear Appearance


Reduce Utility Costs


Warrantied by 3M


Temperature Control


Reduce Carbon Emissions

The Value Proposition

Low-E window films like 3M's Thinsulate Climate Control CC75 or LE-70 offer an enticing value proposition for commercial buildings seeking to enhance existing glazing and reduce their carbon footprint. Regulatory requirements such as New York City's Local Law 97, Boston's Building Energy Reduction and Disclosure (BERDO), and Washington's Clean Energy DC compel building owners to enhance the efficiency of their curtainwall glazing to decrease heating consumption and, consequently, their carbon footprint. However, window replacement is a substantial and costly endeavor that can be disruptive to tenants. 3M Low-E Window Films provide a cost-effective alternative. Explore the following options:

Cost of Window Replacement:

$5000 per pane

Cost of window insert:

$2000 per pane

Cost of 3M Thinsulate Window Film:

$500 Per Pane

In terms of performance, window replacement stands out as the most effective solution. Inserts and Low-E window films, while beneficial, do not match the same level of energy efficiency. However, replacement is frequently impractical, particularly if the building's structure cannot support the added weight of substantially improved glazing. Considering the substantial cost savings associated with Low-E window tint compared to replacement or inserts, the value proposition becomes evident.

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