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3M One Way Mirror Reflective Tint


Reduce High Heat intake with 3M Reflective Mirror Tint

Experience the unparalleled benefits of 3M Mirror Tint, a versatile solution tailored for both commercial and residential properties. This cutting-edge window film goes beyond mere aesthetics, providing a range of advantages that enhance comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency.

 Summer Heat Rejection

3M Mirror Tint excels at rejecting summer heat, keeping interiors cool and comfortable even in the most scorching weather. Enjoy a more temperate environment while reducing reliance on air conditioning.

Privacy Retrofit

Elevate both privacy and aesthetics effortlessly with 3M Mirror Tint. This advanced window film not only turns your windows into reflective surfaces, providing a shield against prying eyes, but it also brings added advantages to the retrofitting process. Say goodbye to the extensive and costly glass replacement, as 3M Mirror Tint offers a seamless retrofit to existing glazing. It's a hassle-free and cost-effective solution, making the upgrade process more affordable and significantly quicker than traditional glass replacement. Enhance your space with heightened privacy, style, and efficiency by choosing 3M Mirror Tint—a smart and practical choice for those seeking an easy retrofit solution for their windows.


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Glare Reduction and Light Mitigation

Say goodbye to intrusive glare and welcome a more productive work environment with 3M Mirror Tint. This innovative window film not only excels in reducing blinding light, fostering focused work and increased productivity, but it also contributes to an overall improvement in the work atmosphere. Beyond glare reduction, the tint effectively controls summer heat, creating a cooler and more comfortable space. The combined benefits of glare reduction and temperature control elevate the feel of the work environment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance comfort and productivity in the workplace. Elevate your workspace with 3M Mirror Tint and experience a positive transformation in the ambiance and efficiency of your workplace.


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Elevate Comfort and Efficiency with 3M Mirror Tint Ideal for Commercial and Residential Projects

99.9% UV Blockage

Safeguard your interiors from harmful UV rays with 3M Mirror Tint, offering an impressive 99.9% UV protection. Preserve the longevity of furnishings, artwork, and other valuable assets.

You need a combination of UV Protection, Heat Rejection, and Light Control for the BEST possible Fade Protection Solution. Don't be afraid to go a shade darker to protect your belongings

Exterior Window Film Applications

Upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your building effortlessly with the exterior applications of 3M Mirror Tint. This versatile film not only enhances visual appeal but also serves as a cost-effective solution to hide unwanted views. Whether you're dealing with exposed walls, studs, or unattractive window seals, 3M Mirror Tint provides an easy and affordable fix. Say goodbye to the hassle of enclosed windows and welcome a modern reflective look that upgrades the overall aesthetics of your space. Moreover, this exterior window tint is a practical solution in high-traffic areas, as it can be applied from the outside without interrupting occupancy. Discover the transformative benefits of 3M Mirror Tint, making both visual enhancement and concealment of unwanted views a seamless and budget-friendly process for your building.

Cost Effective Retrofit to Existing Glazing

Experience the convenience and affordability of upgrading your windows with 3M Mirror Tint, a quick and straightforward alternative to the laborious installation of mirror glass. Unlike the permanent retrofit of reflective glass, 3M Mirror Tint provides an easy solution for existing glazing, ensuring a hassle-free process that is both time-efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, the versatility of mirror tint extends to its removal, offering the flexibility to revert to the original state without the complexities of replacing glass. Say goodbye to extensive renovations and welcome the simplicity and efficiency of 3M Mirror Tint for a seamless window upgrade.


3M Privacy Series One-Way Mirror Window Tint

  • Police Lineup & Interrogation Rooms

  • School Constable Office

  • Casinos 

  • Banks

  • Market Research Centers

  • Reality TV / News Broadcasting Sets

  • School Principals Office

Utilize the one-way mirror application to elevate privacy without sacrificing natural light. This innovative tint transforms windows into reflective shields, creating an effective barrier against prying eyes. Ideal for confidential meetings, interrogation rooms, or private offices, 3M Mirror Tint adds an extra layer of security and discretion. Its flexibility makes it a valuable addition to law enforcement facilities, ensuring confidential discussions remain private. Embrace the myriad commercial applications of 3M Mirror Tint for enhanced privacy and security.


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High Reflective Appearance


Reduce Summer AC Use


Warrantied by 3M


Reduce Glass Hot-Spots


Very Private Appearance

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