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Enhancing Security and Protection with 3M S2400 Security Window Film: Everything You Need to Know

3M S2400 Security Window Film by Shore Tint & More
3M S2400 Security Window Film

We're excited to introduce a game-changing protective film: the 3M S2400. Unlike traditional films, this one is designed to stretch instead of tear, making it incredibly durable. It's not just any film – it's the future of security for buildings. With its unmatched strength, it's the top choice for architects, contractors, and building owners looking for reliable protection against various threats. Join us as we usher in a new era of security with the 3M S2400.

Unmatched Strength

Crystal Clear Protection - 3M S2400

Crafted from Innovation, Engineered for Protection, Built to Excel in Any Environment Discover - 3M S2400 Security Window Film

Here Is Why Your Facility Should Consider 3M S2400 Security Film

  • Durability Revolutionized: The 3M S2400 sets a new standard for toughness with its innovative utilization of state-of-the-art polyurethane materials. Engineered to withstand immense stress without succumbing to tears, this film stands as an impregnable fortress against potential breaches, ensuring unwavering protection for your property. Unlike conventional polyester construction films, which are characterized by their rigid nature, the 3M S2400 boasts an extraordinary stretching capability, reaching up to an impressive 610% at break strength. This remarkable flexibility not only enhances its resilience but also distinguishes it as a superior choice in comparison to its counterparts. By pushing the boundaries of durability, the 3M S2400 empowers you with unmatched peace of mind, knowing that your security needs are met with uncompromising strength and reliability.

  • Clarity Unmatched: With the 3M S2400, crystal-clear visibility remains uncompromised, striking the perfect balance between security and transparency. This innovative film maintains a high level of clarity, guaranteeing that stringent security measures do not obscure your view. Unlike other security films that may compromise visibility for protection, the 3M S2400 ensures that your environment remains visually unaltered while providing robust security. Whether safeguarding commercial spaces, residential properties, or public venues, the 3M S2400 stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology, delivering unparalleled transparency without sacrificing safety.

  • Efficient Cure Time: When security is paramount, waiting around is simply not an option. The 3M S2400 sets a new standard with its rapid-curing technology, boasting an impressive cure time of up to 80% within just 48 hours. This remarkable speed far surpasses that of traditional thick polyester films, ensuring swift installation and immediate reinforcement of security measures.

  • Proven Resilience: In rigorous controlled field tests, the 3M S2400 has demonstrated unparalleled toughness, consistently surpassing legacy films by an impressive margin of 4-8 times. This robust performance underscores its exceptional durability and reliability, making it the premier choice for security solutions where strength is paramount.

  • Enhanced Attachment Strength: Rigorous field testing has confirmed that the 3M S2400 offers superior attachment capabilities, significantly reducing the likelihood of failure or shearing. This is attributed to the material's remarkable ability to absorb energy, ensuring steadfast adhesion even under extreme conditions. Additionally, when paired with 3M IPA (Impact Protection Attachment) systems, the combined solution provides an unparalleled level of security and resilience, offering comprehensive protection against potential threats.

3M S2400 Security Window Film installed by Shore Tint & More
Security Window Film installed on Every Seaford School District Building

Why is 3M S2400 perfect for you?

Crafted with meticulous engineering and precision manufacturing, 3M's S2400 is tailor-made for security professionals who prioritize safety above all else. Designed to meet the stringent demands of various industries including K12, higher education, retail, government, and architecture, this product represents the pinnacle of glazing security solutions. Whether safeguarding against potential threats or fortifying buildings against unforeseen events, the 3M S2400 offers unparalleled peace of mind and protection.

Moreover, when paired with the 3M IPA (Impact Protection Attachment) system, the effectiveness of the 3M S2400 is further enhanced, providing an integrated security solution that exceeds industry standards. Additionally, for those seeking exterior security solutions, combining 3M IPA attachment systems with exterior security films offers an added layer of defense against intrusions and impacts.

In essence, the 3M S2400 Security Film isn't just a product; it embodies peace of mind, encapsulating an unmatched level of protection to ensure the safety and security of both people and property.

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Why You Need 3M S2400 Security Film Installed by Shore Tint & More

Shore Tint & More: A Family-Owned Legacy Since 1989

When it comes to safeguarding your property against potential threats, you need a trusted partner who understands the importance of security and reliability. Since 1989, Shore Tint & More has stood as a beacon of excellence in the realm of window film installation, proudly serving as a family-owned business dedicated to delivering top-notch service and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Based in Delaware, our longstanding commitment to quality and expertise extends far beyond our home state, allowing us to cater to a wide service area encompassing the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia), and surrounding regions. At Shore Tint & More, we specialize in the installation of 3M Window Films, leveraging decades of experience to enhance the comfort, aesthetics, and above all, security of homes and businesses throughout our community and beyond.

Enhancing Buildings of All Kinds

Shore Tint & More Specializes in Energy Efficiency, Safety & Security, and Decorative Window Films

Shore Tint & More excels in providing comprehensive solutions for all your window tinting needs. Whether you're seeking to diminish the carbon footprint of your office or commercial building, reinforce security in educational institutions with our 3M S2400 Security Window Film, or simply refresh your windows with our Decorative Window Film options, we've got you covered.


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