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Forced Entry Protection Window Film


Mitigating the risks of criminal forced entry, a prevalent source of theft and property damage, doesn't necessitate the installation of unsightly metal bars or the fortification of your entire building. Instead, modern building managers often opt for a more discreet and effective solution known as forced entry protection film, also recognized as security window film. This innovative technology provides an additional layer of defense against unauthorized access, reinforcing the structural integrity of windows without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your property. Security window film acts as a resilient barrier, deterring potential intruders while allowing natural light to permeate the interior. Embracing this contemporary approach ensures a balance between security and aesthetics, safeguarding your property without sacrificing its visual appeal.

What is Forced Entry Protection Film?

3M Forced Entry Protection Window Film, is a comprehensive two-part system designed to enhance security in commercial or some residential settings. This advanced system consists of security window film available in various thicknesses, providing flexibility to meet specific security requirements. The film is meticulously attached to the window frame using 3M IPA attachment, creating a robust bond that ensures durability and resilience.


In the event of an impact, the 3M Forced Entry Protection Window Film doesn't prevent the glass from breaking; instead, it employs an innovative strategy. The film effectively holds the shattered glass in place, preventing it from dispersing and potentially causing harm. This strategic approach allows the window to stay together and flex during impact, significantly reducing the risk of injury from broken glass.


Moreover, the 3M Forced Entry Protection Window Film demonstrates a high likelihood of absorbing impact from debris such as rocks or bricks. This added layer of defense makes it an ideal solution for areas prone to forced entry attempts or where protection against potential projectiles is crucial. Elevate the security of your commercial space with the cutting-edge technology and reliable performance of 3M Forced Entry Protection Window Film.

IPA, a robust structural silicone adhesive, is utilized to secure the security film, glass, and window frame together. The anti-shatter film is applied to the glass in a manner resembling a daylight application, with trimmed gaskets and the film's edges inserted as close to the window frame as feasible. Subsequently, a ½” bead of silicone is applied flush against the frame, overlapping the security film and serving as a replacement for the original gaskets.


Safeguard from Shattered Glass


Protect your investments


Warrantied by 3M


Protects from Smash & Grab


Nearly Invisible

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