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Vandalism Protection


Specializing in commercial window film installations since 1989, Shore Tint & More excels in glass protection and safety services. A key specialty is the application of 3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film, offering property managers and building owners an effective solution to reduce costs associated with abatement and glass replacement. This protective film, applied to both interior and exterior windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces, acts as a shield against vandalism, absorbing the impact and minimizing damage caused by paint, permanent markings, and other stains. The film's unique feature allows for easy removal of such markings without resorting to harsh chemicals. In cases where the film is damaged by etching or scratching, it can be effortlessly replaced with new film, saving property owners from the expenses associated with conventional vandalism cleanup or the more costly total replacement of graffiti-damaged equipment or property.

Beyond its protective function, this optically clear, distortion-free film offers additional benefits. It effectively blocks heat, reduces glare, and provides 99% protection against harmful UV rays, contributing to a safer and more comfortable environment. Choose Shore Tint & More for expert installations that safeguard your property and enhance its overall durability.

What Can you Protect?



Display Cases


Retail Storefronts


Clear Glass Protection


Cheaper than glass Replacement


Warrantied by 3M


Commercial Glass Protection


Protect from Vandalism

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