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3M Scotchshield Security Window Film

Safety & Security Window Film

Crafted to stretch instead of tearing, 3M's Scotchshield Security Window Films are engineered to keep shattered glass intact. This not only deters potential intruders from gaining access to the building but also safeguards individuals and property from the hazards of airborne glass fragments. 3M Security Films provide protection for occupants against many hazardous situations

3M Scotchshield Security Window Film

Smash & Grab Burglaries

3M Scotchshield Security Window Film deters would be thieves by holding the window intact during impact. Thieves want to be quick and quiet, Security Film forces Deters Smash & Grab Possibilities

Natural Disasters

3M Safety Film is great for holding glass together during a wind storm or hurricane. Safety film holds the glass together during impact

Bomb Blast and Explosions

3M Scotchshield Security  Film Stretches and Flexes allowing it to absorb the impact keeping the glass intact. Partner it with 3M IPA Attachment system for improved performance and safety. 

Crystal Clear Deterrent

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Bring Your Building up to Code with 3M Safety & Security Window Film


Learn More About 3M Scotchshield Security Window Film

Since the late 1960s, 3M Company has held the original patent for safety and security window films, also recognized as fragment retention films. Initially conceived at the behest of the UK government in response to IRA terrorist bombings, 3M has continuously advanced and innovated the product over the past 50 years.

School Safety/ Active Shooter


Incredible Tear Resistance


Warrantied by 3M


Reduce Solar Energy


Clear Invisible Protection

3M Ultra Prestige Window Tint

The Ultra Prestige Series seamlessly integrates the safety and security advantages of Scotchshield with the sun control benefits of Prestige. Experience a sense of security paired with heightened comfort and energy savings.

Ultra Night Vision Series

The Ultra Night Vision Series brings together top-tier safety and security features with the low interior reflectivity found in Night Vision. By incorporating Ultra Night Vision 3M security film, you can relish in the security of your environment, diminished glare, and optimal night views.

Safety & Security Film

Tear-resistant, 3M Safety and Security Window Films offer protection to individuals and property by reducing the risks associated with shattered glass caused by natural disasters or human events.

3M Exterior Safety Film

Tailored for use in both interior and exterior settings, Exterior Safety Film delivers robust external durability to guard against spontaneous glass breakage, low-force glass impacts, and seismic events.

3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems

Crafted with the intention of securing broken glass within the frame, 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems enhance the overall effectiveness of 3M Safety and Security Films, deterring unauthorized access to your space.

3M Safety and Security Films are available to schools through the following purchasing cooperatives.

GSA - Compliant Safety & Security Window Films

IPA, a robust structural silicone adhesive, is utilized to secure the security film, glass, and window frame together. The anti-shatter film is applied to the glass in a manner resembling a daylight application, with trimmed gaskets and the film's edges inserted as close to the window frame as feasible. Subsequently, a ½” bead of silicone is applied flush against the frame, overlapping the security film and serving as a replacement for the original gaskets.



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