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3M Energy Efficiency

Improve Comfort & Energy Efficiency

Enhance the Energy Efficiency of the Building Envelope

The inefficiencies of a building's envelope are frequently disregarded, with windows often identified as a significant weak point, despite their inefficiencies being tolerated due to occupants' preference for natural light. 3M produces window films for both commercial and residential use that enhance the energy efficiency of windows without altering the building's appearance. This solution is offered at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.


Reduce your carbon footprint and comply with reduction mandates


Block up to 99.9% of the UV Rays and up to 97% of IR Heat


Unmatched Combination of Security, Energy Savings, and Comfort 


Increase the Energy Performance of your Windows

3M Temperature Control Window Film

Shore Tint & More is your go-to expert for integrating the advanced 3M Temperature Control Window Films into your space. This innovative solution not only enhances the visual appeal but also offers effective temperature regulation for your windows. Our specialized window films seamlessly address temperature concerns, providing efficient control without the need for full window replacements. By opting for 3M Temperature Control Window Films, you can optimize the climate within your space, aligning with modern energy-efficient practices. Count on Shore Tint & More for a reliable and efficient means of upgrading your windows for both aesthetic appeal and temperature management.

Ceramic Tint for Heat Rejection on Astracare Medical in Ocean View
Ceramic Heat Rejection Window Tint
Mirror Temperature Control Window Tint
Atlantic Sands Heat Rejection Tint
Delmar Vapor Sun Control Window Tint
Realty Office With Ceramic Heat Rejection Window Tint
Ceramic Window Tint on Sunroom in Lewes Delaware
Fade Protection Window Tint

Benefits of 3M Energy Efficient Window Tint

Temperature Control

Direct sunlight can turn your windows into an intense magnifying glass, leading to uneven temperatures in different rooms and prompting your air conditioning system to work harder. Certain sun-blocking films in our selection are nearly transparent yet can diminish up to 78% of the sun's heat. This translates to a lighter load on your air conditioning system, resulting in reduced energy bills. In many cases, the energy savings may cover the initial investment in a relatively short period, possibly as few as 3 years!

Reduce AC Bills

3M Insulating and Temperature Control Window Films work to lower the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-Value of your windows. In simpler terms, these window films from 3M enhance the energy efficiency of your windows throughout the entire year. It's akin to transforming a single-pane window into a double-pane one, or a double-pane window into a triple-pane version. These films have the capability to block up to 99% of UV rays and as much as 97% of infrared light (900-1,000nm), ensuring occupants remain cool and well-protected. By preventing heat from entering through the windows in the summer and retaining artificial warmth inside during the winter, 3M Window Films reduce reliance on the HVAC system and enhance the energy efficiency of the building or home.

Virtually Clear

3M Insulating Window Films are available in a range of shades tailored to suit specific project requirements. Options like 3M Prestige and 3M All Season Energy Efficient Window Tints offer a nearly clear shade. The Clear Ceramic Tint Shade maximizes natural light without the adverse effects of direct sunlight, effectively minimizing glare by reducing the amount of sun entering through the glass.

UV Protection

Sunlight's Ultraviolet (UV) rays stand as a significant factor in the development of melanoma cancer and the primary cause of fading in home interiors. Items such as floors, fabrics, walls, paintings, and other valuables can lose their color due to exposure to these harmful UV rays. Additional contributors to fading include humidity, temperature, and artificial lights. The 3M Sun Control Window Films we offer are purposefully crafted to mitigate fading by effectively eliminating up to 99.9% of UV rays along with substantial amounts of heat.

Glare Reduction

Have you ever experienced the frustration of sitting down to watch to work in your office, or sat down to watch TV in the morning or afternoon, only to be bothered by the glare from the sun on the screen? You're not alone. Sun control window film is specifically engineered to diminish glare, delivering optimal performance when the sun is at its brightest. This ensures you can enjoy relaxation without the discomfort of glare on your devices.

Why 3M Energy Efficient Window Film?

Low-E window films like 3M's Thinsulate Climate Control CC75 or LE-70 offer an enticing value proposition for commercial buildings seeking to enhance existing glazing and reduce their carbon footprint. Regulatory requirements such as New York City's Local Law 97, Boston's Building Energy Reduction and Disclosure (BERDO), and Washington's Clean Energy DC compel building owners to enhance the efficiency of their curtainwall glazing to decrease heating consumption and, consequently, their carbon footprint. However, window replacement is a substantial and costly endeavor that can be disruptive to tenants. 3M Low-E Window Films provide a cost-effective alternative. Explore the following options:

Cost of Window Replacement:

$5000 per pane

Cost of window insert:

$2000 per pane

Cost of 3M Energy Efficent Window Film:

$500 Per Pane

In terms of performance, window replacement stands out as the most effective solution. Inserts and Low-E window films, while beneficial, do not match the same level of energy efficiency. However, replacement is frequently impractical, particularly if the building's structure cannot support the added weight of substantially improved glazing. Considering the substantial cost savings associated with Low-E window tint compared to replacement or inserts, the value proposition becomes evident.

3M Low-E Window Film

Shore Tint & More is your trusted ally in introducing the advanced 3M Low E Window Film to your space. This cutting-edge solution not only enhances the visual appeal of your windows but also operates like a Low E window, effectively blocking heat in during winter and keeping heat out during the summer. Our specialized window film seamlessly addresses heat transfer concerns, providing insulation benefits without requiring a complete window overhaul. Opting for 3M Low E Window Film allows you to optimize temperature control, aligning with contemporary sustainability practices. Count on Shore Tint & More for a reliable and efficient means of upgrading your windows, offering both enhanced aesthetics and year-round energy efficiency.

Low E Insulating Window film on Storefront
Storefront Low E Temperature Film
Retrofit older windows to make them like new Low - E Windows
Low E Window Film Retrofit
Simulate Low E Glass with 3M All Season Window FIlm
3M Window Film
Neutral Glare Reduction Window Tint
Reduce Blinding Sun Rays with 3M Window Tint
Gain privacy with Glare Reduction Window Tint
Sun Control Window Tint
Glare Reduction tint! No need for expensive blinds
Glare Reduction tint is a cost effective retrofit
Odd Shaped windows are prefect for glare reduction window tint

3M Glare Reduction Window Tint

Shore Tint & More is your go-to expert for integrating the advanced Glare Reduction Tint from 3M into your space. This specialized solution not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your windows but also works like putting sunglasses on your windows, effectively reducing glare. Our tint seamlessly addresses glare concerns, providing comfort without requiring a complete window replacement. Opting for 3M Glare Reduction Tint allows you to optimize your indoor environment, reducing unwanted brightness and discomfort. Trust Shore Tint & More for a reliable and efficient means of upgrading your windows for both improved aesthetics and a more comfortable, glare-free space.


Enhances Glass Performance


Reduce HVAC Bills


Warrantied by 3M


Temperature Control


Crystal Clear Appearance

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