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Fade Reduction with 3M Window Film


Crystal Clear


UV Blocking


Increased Performance

Best 3M Fade Protection Window Tint in Wilmington Delaware

At Shore Tint & More, we specialize in providing high-quality fade reduction window tint services for both residential and commercial properties in Delaware. Our fade reduction window film is meticulously designed to minimize the impact of intense sunlight and effectively reduce the internal temperature of your commercial building, especially during the summer months. Fade Protection Window Tint is a great choice for keeping your belongings looking great for a long period of time.


Our expertise lies in installing fade reduction window tints on a diverse array of commercial buildings and properties. Over the years, we have successfully implemented fade reduction window tint solutions for small businesses, major corporations, and industrial properties throughout Delaware.

Best Clear UV Protection Window Tint

Clear Fade Protection

3M Prestige Window Tint is perfect for Clear Fade Protection. Crystal clear to the naked eye once cured. Reduce UV Damage with 3M Prestige Window Film

Reduce HVAC Bills

Reduce Cooling costs by Reflecting up 97% of the suns infrared heat (900-1,000nm) away from the Window. Large Commercial Projects can see immediate returns

Multiple Shades

3M Fade protection window film comes in a variety of shades. Very dark to 3M Prestige 70 Clear tint. Different films for different objectives


You need a combination of UV Protection, Heat Rejection, and Light Control for the BEST possible Fade Protection Solution. Don't be afraid to go a shade darker to protect your belongings

Learn More About 3M Fade Protection Window Tint

3M Fade protection window film are one the best cost effective solutions to protecting the interior of your Store or Home. Reduce fading to furniture, hardwoods, or merchandise with 3M Window Film


Reduce UV Damage


Cheaper than replacing Furnishings


Warrantied by 3M


Reduce IR Damage


Reduce harmful light

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Since 1989 Shore Tint & More has been Providing High Quality Window Tint Installations in all of Lower Delaware. Contact us today!

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